Arnica and the ER

My second child was a bit of a klutz when he was younger. He saw more of the ER than his big sister did, that’s for sure. So when I got a worried call from my mom while I was driving to school several years ago, I wasn’t surprised. The sidewalk had been slick with rain, and my little guy slipped on his way to the front door and had hit the concrete wall of the house – with his face. Mom said he had a nice bump on his forehead, she was icing it, and what did I want to her do? I told her to go ahead and take him to the ER just to be safe.

I was a good 45 minutes away, but I got back to town, stopped at the house to grab my arnica and met her there. By then, the bump was the size of a healthy golf ball – ouch! I gave him a dose of arnica 30C while waiting for the doc. He checked out my son for signs of concussion and he was fine, although he said the bump may hang on for a few days and to keep icing it. In the meantime, did I want him to remove the popcorn kernel from my son’s ear? (Sure, since we’re here…)

Eventually, we made it home sans popcorn and I dosed him again with arnica before bed. The next morning, I anxiously checked out my little man. No bump. I looked closer. There was the faintest of green tinges where the bump had been last night.

There’s a reason why Arnica is essential for every homeopathic first aid kit, and this is it. It not only helps with muscle aches and bruises, but its keynote (its signature and what it’s best known for) is head trauma. I was certainly a believer. Although it’s not a good idea to store homeopathic remedies in a car (especially in hot climates) or by electronic items, it’s a must-have remedy for your home first-aid kit. It’s the one remedy I fall back on and replace the most.

Nicole Noles Collins is a licensed acupuncture physician and massage therapist at Vitalichi Acupuncture in Port Charlotte, Florida. Nicole has two bachelor’s degrees – Alternative Medicine and Professional Health Sciences – as well as a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has a passion for both writing and natural health. Please visit her website at and like her Facebook page at Vitalichi Acupuncture. For more information, call 941-979-9793.