Classical Homeopathy – the interview of a lifetime

Homeopathic bottles and PillsMany people go to the health food store or online to get homeopathic remedies for their issues. These people are generally picking a remedy based on their acute or chronic physical issues, maybe even an emotional issue now and then. Homeopathy can work well for those kinds of issues. I’ve seen it happen in my own family. But there is a different side of homeopathy that many people may not realize exists – the constitutional side of prescribing homeopathics. This is where the skills of a trained and licensed homeopath really shine.

Constitutional prescribing in homeopathy treats the whole person – body, mind and spirit, much as Traditional Chinese Medicine does, but on an even deeper and more profound level. The theory is that each person, as a unique individual, expresses disharmony as a unique set of symptoms and disease. This disharmony also manifests as unusual dreams, likes or dislikes, delusions or themes. So when a homeopath interviews a person for a constitutional remedy, he or she will ask a broad range of questions including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. This process usually takes at least an hour, and is essential in determining the essence of a person, and therefore, prescribing an accurate remedy. A homeopathic interview is a much more skilled and demanding art than most people realize, requiring knowledge not only of the remedies, but also the skill of gentle but persistent questioning that will create an accurate picture of the individual and their issues.

Homeopathy does not promise to fix all your physical or emotional problems, but it can help reduce them, resolve them or help you find new ways to cope with them. Think of it as unlocking your DNA. Like your brain, most of our DNA is not actually in daily use. There is a lot of information there just waiting to be accessed. One of the emerging theories is that homeopathy can unwind unused parts of your DNA so your body has new information to work with to keep you in homeostatic balance on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Everything you already need to know to heal yourself is already inside you, and homeopathy can help you find it. It’s a more efficient (some might say even evolved) version of you that’s waiting to be expressed. At its most basic, what homeopathy does is instigate change, like the Tao. Our perspective of self is that we never change, but the reality is we are changing every second. We remodel bone, create new cells, digest new things (physically and mentally) and constantly evolve our personality. Our very existence is a constant dance of change – and homeopathy can play a vital part in easing those changes or helping create positive ones.

Nicole Noles Collins is a licensed acupuncture physician and massage therapist at Vitalichi Acupuncture in Port Charlotte, Florida. Nicole has two bachelor’s degrees – Alternative Medicine and Professional Health Sciences – as well as a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has a passion for both writing and natural health. Please visit her website at and like her Facebook page at Vitalichi Acupuncture. For more information, call 941-979-9793.

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